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Day 7...Finally !!!

:):) Day 7 :):)

Yes day 7 is finally here goodness its seamt like its took for ever..

Well heres my story short

I should be on day 16 of Champix..(but I have had to stop taking them 2 days ago due to bad side effects)

But even still I am now on day 7 of not smoking..

When i was told I had to stop taking the Champix I expected to be smoking again but ...I havent touched any...and to tell you the truth its no where near as bad as I expected it to be without the champix.

I still feel like I want to smoke every now and then but thats all it is a 'want' not a crave, and I still have the empty feeling like I missing my best friend or something (sad I know) but its not as bad now so hopefully I am getting there.

I just can't wait for the empty feeling to pass.

Good luck everyone

Tracey x

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The empty feeling you are having is because you have stopped doing something that has occupied many hours of your daily routine for probably many years, what you need to do is either try and forget that you were ever a smoker or just sit down every time you think you are having a crave imagine that you are going through the process of having a cig, I found that to be the best option for me until I had become used to not smoking in reality and could go for days without thinking about it, well maybe hours LOL soon they will not be thoughts at all but a sort of passing memory and then you will realise how good you feel and then you want wont to smoke again any way, also keep the fluids up (link in my Sig) as that helps the toxins to be flushed out of your system.


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