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40 days

Day 40 and I am feeling very grateful to this site and to all the members for helping me get this far. Freedom from nicotine is a great gift indeed. In shops I can smell the smokers, and non-smokers would have smelt me a mile away 40 days ago. Still a long way to go though, and I hope I can keep it going. Some great benefits being smoke free.

1) Not burning six quid a day.

2) Not having to take my asthma spray several times a day. Most days I don't need it at all.

3) Not having to wash my clothes so much since they don't smell horrible after wearing one day.

4) Returning home to a flat that smells good.

5) Being able to work all day in an office and not worrying about when I can get out for a cig fix.

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:D WOW BIG CONGRATS TO YOU FOR GOING 40 DAYS :D it certainly helps when your noticing how many changes are going on within yourself i have found loads since i quit and the fact with the extra money saved is the biggest bonus :D


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