No Smoking Day
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Moving in for a week or so

Woo Hooooo. Now on day 22 so into my 4th week as a non smoker.

Survived the weekend (just), even going to tesco's after the mayhem that was the snow.....some guy infront of me had a whole trolley full of just milk. Did I miss the bit on the news when it said the cows were going on strike :rolleyes:

Christmas lights & decs up, kids overexcited, but I've saved enough (from not smoking and other related activities) to get them what they want this year without having to put it on a credit card.

Just getting a few craves in the evenings now, but mainly when I forget to take the Champix, doh!

Just wish I could get rid of this smell...woke up for the last 4 days with a nasty throat and smelling like (and feeling rough like) I've smoked 40 fags the night before. Could this be the start of my lungs clearing out?

This is the furthest I've been quit before :D:eek::D

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well done... I am a champix person too and have the same first smoke free day - is is also about the longest I have ever managed before... well done....:):)

Just worked out that I smoked for about 26 years... I am 40 and have smoked for more of my life than I haven't...


Well thats 4 weeks done for both of us now :) Into Month 2 section on Wednesday :D:D:D


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