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I am doing ok!I havnt been in the back garden all day!I just woke up this morning and thought I am not going out in the snow to have a cigarette.I thought I would just stay warm in the house and apply the nicorette patch instead.Doing okay.Keep thinking after i have done this I can have a cigarette but them remember I dont smoke today!Anyway the nicorette patch by teatime was making me feel so sick!I felt awful.I had to take it off.Does anyone else have this.I dont know if I can cope with that feeling all day think I would rather have the cravings..

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Yeah i was the same on patchs...Just made me feel sick also, and same with the nicotine inhaler just made me feel sick and dizzy after awhile.

I think go without it and see how things go for ya, if ya feel you can go without nicotine it would be much better :D


Hello to you and well done for today - I have used the patches (still am) but have never felt sick! in fact I was smoking for the first week with them on so not sure about that one .. you have done really well in your first day .. I am sure someone better informed will be here soon ... if you don't succeed today .. you will tomorrow ...Shells x



You're right about not going out in that freezing cold weather to light up, what a horrid thought, brrrr.

It might be that the patch that you are on is too strong for you which would result in you feeling sick. Maybe try to pop to your nurse or if you are doing it yourself the chemist and get the next one down.




hiya tinamac, first of all a big well done on deciding to quit. i think making your mind up to do it is the hardest thing. I had exactly the same thing with patches - they messed me up. read some of my old posts cos i was confused and a little worried about whether it was normal what was happening.

Can i ask what strength patch are you on?? I quit at work using 21mg for 3 mths then would take it off at home and smoke a few. then quit properly 38 days ago and was using patches and they messed me up. dont get me wrong i think theyre great for helping to quit evil cigarettes but some some reason they started making me ill. Looking back i think i changed the brand of patches that i was using - thats the only explanation i can find for why i was ok for three mths then feeling rubbish. :confused:

it affected my sleep and i felt nauseous and was nearly sick in wilkinsons lol but realised from talking to people on this forum that its the nicotine thats causing it - you must be on too strong a patch. i wasnt gonna throw them in the bin as id paid 10 quid for them so i started cutting them in half then quarters until i found that i felt human again. it does get better though dont worry. Read captain crunch posts as he quit using patches and hes still on them now. You will feel beta i promise. :D:D

Another little question - would you say you get anxious?? cos i had bad reaction to patches, inhaler and lorenges so i went to the doctor and he said that i was hypersensitive to nicotine (it affected my body more than other people) so smoking was causing me to physically feel on edge all the time and i felt like a deer in the headlights all time. it also explained why NRT was affecting me so strongly.

Let us know how it goes,

stay strong you dont want frostbite just cos you want a cig lol

amy x x x


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