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No Smoking Day
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Day one (yesterday)

Day one was yesterday for me. Saw the Health Care Assistant and did the CO meter thing and it came back as two - a fortnight ago it was 18.

Woke up in the morning and it was like I had the mantra 'ciggie, ciggie, ciggie, ciggie......' going on in my head and I swear it was just because I wasn't going to have one, if that makes sense. When I smoked I never got up and felt overwhelmed with the thought of smoking :confused:

Anyway, that wore off and I had a shower and put on some perfume and noticed when undressing last night that I still smelt the same as when I got out of the shower that night. BONUS :)

It got me a couple of times during the day but it was more a 'habit of thought' that kept getting me and not the cravings themselves (which due to Champix are minimal). I kept thinking 'Right, I'll finish that and then have a cigarette - oh - no I won't' or 'I'll get the little one in bed and then I'll pop out the back door - oh wait - no, I won't'.

It got on my nerves a little bit but I'm hoping with the help of Champix I can get out of that habit. One of the (many) things I like about Champix is that by taking a tablet twice a day you can forget about it.

Of the cravings themselves, it's weird - I can feel it like a sensation in my stomache, like a fleeting emptiness or something, I can't describe it. Usually on NRT or CT my cravings are almost 100% emotionallly driven - so this gut thing is new for me, maybe it's a Champix thing?

Personally speaking of my numerous failed attempts one of my down falls was constantly checking that patch was still there (they never stuck properly despite surgical tape, bandages and on one desperate occassion brown packing tape), or that the inhalator still had a few puffs left on it, or that I had enough tabs (or just feeling plain guilty that the money I spent on hypno did nothing for me at all :() etc.

In all I found they made me focus on the fact that I was giving up! At least with the Champix you pop a pill and think nothing else of it until the next one. I like that.

So far so good - couldn't have picked a worse time to do it. My Mum's in hospital, my hubby is in America leaving me with three kids to marshal and quite honestly.....I did alright :)

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Well done on surviving your first day, that's great. I'm sure everyone here will relate to parts of your post. It's the habit that gets to you the most in the first couple of weeks, until you form new habits that don't involve smoking. I used to go straight to the back door when I'd dropped my kiddo off at school, to have a ciggie, and then I'd remember that I'd quit, but your that used to doing these things that you do them anyway. I used to get quite sad when I realised that I'd quit, but you do break these habits. These days it's something I never do anymore, the habits of smoking have left me. Keep it up hun, check in here everyday and lean on us :)


well done for getting through the first day :)

as karen says its all down to habit and to mindset when you have been doing something without even thinking about it for a long time its going to take a while to retrain your mind into anew regime but you will :)

regards carol


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