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11th Day


Well this is the start of day 11 for me. :)

Gradually my mind is coming back to normallity if there is such a thing esp after those tablets. I dreamt last night that i was waiting and waiting for a prescription for Zyban and i waited and waited then the alarm went off, how weird is that and im not even on zyban.

OH is back on his 2 days off and i knew it last night, he's an ex-smoker and snores so so loudly i could tell he was back in bed with me again, bless him. ;)

I cant believe 11 days have gone by already, no real cravings or thoughts to be honest in the last couple of days, which is good. I cant wait to feel 100% so that i can drive my car again, those tabs made me feel like jelly all the time but i took my last one Sunday morning and i think they must be vacating my body now just the tierdness in the afternoons really now but i dont know if thats the tablets or just the stopping smoking, oh well it will ease off eventually.

I dont know why in all reality i did not give up before. I mean apart from 12 days of Champix, quitting on the 5th day of taking those and stopping that med on the 12th day (still not smoking mind you). Maybe it was a fear, a fear of what will i do, how will i be able to cope without my 15-18 different reasons per day just to go and have a puff. I knew from previous attempts a lot of mine is the hands bit hence i started knitting and its working, i also knew that i have to be the one to say NO MORE to cigs no one else otherwise it may fail because YOU need to be ready and you rmind has to be clear. I have quit this time FOR ME, no one else, just FOR ME and i feel really good about that. I am also now not taking anything, no patches, no gum, no tablets just the late night listen to the cd i downloaded, have my knitting to keep my hands busy and the Allen Carr book for a good read when i can. Overall this time it feels different. It was nice yesterday attending my hospital appointment knowing that i did not smell or did not need or want one. I stood outside after my appointment and the thought did not enter my mind, it was nice just waiting for my ride home.

My hands are staying fresh now, hair and clothing is still clean and not with a touch of Eau de Fag on them, its so refreshing to be able to taste again and smile again and be one of the millions of people who do not smoke.

Anyhow, today will go nice and quick and before i know it i will be joining the week 3 slot, whoop whoop ;).

Enjoy your smoke free day guys and gals, stay strong. :)


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Hey Jo

Well done girl, imagine that 10 days without a fag.

Magic !!

You're doing great Jo and you sound really positive!! I'm so proud of you :). That's great that the knitting's helping. *That* particular distraction wouldn't work for me though :D.

Ten smoke-free days is no small achievement. Treat yourself to a little something special today :cool:.

Ed xx

Yay Jo! you are sounding a lot better. I'm glad your body and mind are getting back to normality after the champix, that stuff scares me.

Well done on reaching day 10. :D

Levs1000 Days Smoke Free

Welll done Jo your doing great.

Just take each day at a time.

S x

Its 11 days now :) Whoop, whoop

I have been quit for 1 Week, 4 Days, 19 minutes and 23 seconds

(11 days).

I have saved £43.89 by not smoking 187 cigarettes.

I have saved 18 hours and 42 minutes of my life.

My Quit Date: 24/10/2010 10:55

Hi Guys and Gals

Thank you for the words, its now 11days since my last cig and i still cant believe it. I am so pleased with myself.

Anyhow, just finished Scarf no 10 and started no 11. I am going to need a bigger house soon.

To all of us, good luck and well done

Onwards and upwards & Ed, no i dont think that distraction would help you much but you never know till you try it ;)


With all the money you're saving by not smoking you'll be able to afford a bigger house for all your scarves in no time :D. Mind you, all that money'd only go on wool anyway :p.

You're doing great Jo. I'm so proud of you :).

Ed xx


You are so right. I am savin money by not buying cigs but knitting a scarf a day at £1.50/£2 a ball of wool x 2 per scarf im spending about the same but at least this is the healthier option ;)

You will all have to send me your home address's so that i can start posting these off to people otherwise i wont know what to do with them all, mind you i do enjoy making them and seeing the end result.

I would rather knit than smoke any day and when the knitting has calmed down i can save some of the money and take my OH out for a nice evening.

Keep up the good work there Ed, cos your my inspiration


Evening nutty hunny :)

You are such great person ((hugs))

Well done on day 11 and keep on with that knitting....

I will get round to getting myself some needles soon, but i am just going to make squares and give them to charity, apparently (so my mum said) there is an organisation that likes you to donate them so they can make blankets out of them... So when you get bored of making scarves, you can maybe start on squares??


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