No Smoking Day
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Day 3 Non Smoker~Week 2 Champix

:)How cool is this, i am now on Day 3 and i just cant believe it, i mean i am now starting to stay in bed a little longer, sleeping better too now, i even notice my OH is in bed with me now because before i would roll away from him as i felt like i must smell and thats not nice when in bed so my side was my side and his was his, yet over the last few days i have got closer to him in bed almost like im making sure he is there.

So far so good, this is also the start of Week 2 of the Champix tablets, after i have had some breakfast in a bit i will be taking my tabs, i always make sure i eat when i take them cos i dont want to feel sick and i know that can be a side effect. I would have been on the higher doses from today but when seeing my nurse yesterday i have been allowed to stay on the lower dose unless of course i get real bad urges or withdrawels from those things, now what were they called, of yes, Cigarettes! Bliming things, aarrghhhhhhhhhh :eek:

Morning's are getting easier to deal with now, i get up, have my first daily tabs, i have an Underactive Thyroid so those tabs come first, then i have a drink, sit and come on here for a bit, make a cuppa, do some knitting and wait for the mad house to start. I wait about an hour after my thyroid meds before i eat and then take my Champix as i know they prefer that the thyroid meds are taking before food so thats my routine, well so far anyhow. I then have my 2nd Champix at about 4.30pm every day, i try where i can to take it at the same time and if not as soon as i can after that, i like to make sure because i dont want to lapse as its way to early in the quitting process to start forgetting and going back and i have not come all this way to have to start all over again. :/

Everyone is asleep at the mo and im gonna make a cuppa in a bit too, also im 2/3 away through my elder sons blue and yellow scarf he wants, im getting there. Once i start to get into it later i can keep going till its completed, then i have to start one for my OH as he wants a scarf too.

I still have some of the nasty stuff on my chest, it does not want to to go at the moment, i mentioned it to the nurse yesterday and she said it will go eventually as its all the nasty, yucky stuff vacating my lungs but its annoying and i cant even cough to try and clear it, but i know my body has NO MORE CARBON MONOXIDE or NICOTINE left from the smoking habit now, all those things have GONE from my body and its just this last bit of a reminder that is lurking about, that should go soon though and its part of the process for quitting and if im totally honest i expected something like this to happen.

Anyhow, overall, i feel really :), so so proud of myself and i am also proud of the others that are in the October Group 2010 that i am now a member off, together with those Guys and Gals we are going to get through this and Stay as NON SMOKERS.

Well till later then when i will come back and write some more. Good luck to everyone, remember you can do this and when you do decide make sure that you do it for "YOU" first the others are a bonus ;)


Jo x

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You are a good example to all the rest of us.

Your detirmination shines through.

Well done nuttynursee


Morning Jo,

Welcome to day three woohooooo :D

I was meant to say before..... i read in a magazine about knitting therapy not so long ago? From what i can remember many people have taken up knitting as a therapy for something, i think it was depression/stress, but they actually have knitting groups that you can go too. I will try and look it up later.

Im even thinking of taking it up myself, i just think its a blooming brilliant distraction and keeps your hands busy.. and lets face it, we may at times become stressed during our quits.

Its so nice to hear that you are so very positive, its rubbing off on me big time and making me more stronger.

Snowie xx


~I aim to please~

:DHi Guys and Gals,

I am so glad that i am being a positive vibe to everyone. Like i have said and dont get me wrong, sometimes i do get those nasty urges and thoughts but by doing my knitting or trying to find something else to do helps me heaps.

So far so good, i have done the veg for tea, its a mid week roast today so thats kept me busy. I am about to do some more of the scarf i am making for my eldest son and then its onto the OH's one.

I am enjoying doing the knitting and im finding each day a little easier but i still have a long way to go yet and dont i know it. I am also catching up with my washing that has not been done yet and next week when everyone is back at work, school and college i am helping for a few hours in a friends shop, then i have a Hospital Appt next Weds too. The trick is to try and get those hands busy doing something, anything that can get you into something that you cant get away from till you have finished is ideal, distraction is the main helper in this, so by changing routine and doing something else is important, as we all know its a case of take each minute by minute, then hour by hour and so on instead of trying to hard to start with.

For me it was hard to change my routine because for the last 5 years since i tried to give up and never succeeded i have smoked outside, i would go out in all weathers which meant gradually i cut down because i had to go out when it was freezing or wet & windy so i could not change that part of my smoking regime, i also stopped smoking in the car a long time ago mainly because even though i smoked i felt it was unfair to subject anyone else to my habit and especially my kids so i stopped that ages ago. I now dont like the taste of coffee, since my taste buds have started to come back i have found coffee a weird taste and so its tea for me, well at least until i can tolerate coffee again. As for eating more and worrying about putting weight on, NO so far thats as good as it was before, i have a packet of Mint Imperials next to me should i need one but again not many being eaten by me. I have also bought a decent toothpaste, alchohol free mouthwash & a tongue cleaner so that i can keep my mouth lovelly and fresh and now my OH loves to kiss me and we seem to be getting on better as we have something in common~ Being a Non Smoker. He gave up back in January 2006, thats when i went back on them again, i dont know what tempted me back onto them back then but this time it feels different, I feel different. Im not the PERFECT example of POSITIVNESS for giving up, i just know that i am sick of being a slave to something that killed my Gran at 42 because she would make sure the kids were fed and never ate herself, she died of Pneumonia when my Mum was just 20, its very sad and i dont want to worry about dying at 42, thats 3 years away for me as i am 39 Now and in all honesty it did scare me.

I have friends still that smoke, but i dont see them very often and in fact the next time we are out is the 20th Novemeber so by then i will be 4 weeks in and should be able to handle it better. I would not do what my OH did to me and keep on about smoking, its personal choice and we all know that if asked 99% of smokers would say that they dont want to smoke but have been unable to give up. So im not going to turn into a pain in the arse by making people feel uncomfortable when they smoke, i just know now that when they have to leave the table to go out for a cig i can stay in the warm and stay healthy.

Anyhow, gotta go but i will be back later. Always be positive, maybe its just me but a little can go a long way. Do it for you not others, that way the motivation will stay with you.


Jo x


Day 3 Nearly over

Well i cant believe that Day 3 is nearly over, thats another day out of the way and things are getting a little easier i suppose. I have finished my Sons scarf and have started on a nice chunky grey one for my OH. I do need to keep busy otherwise i get those thoughts that i should be somewhere else so by keeping knitting or something then the thoughts just go and quite quickly too.

This was the start of my 2nd week of Champix and i think that now i may try tomorrow to have the tablet before food and see what happens, i have been taking them for 8 days now and my body should be getting used to the twice daily dose as that has stayed the same since i started on twice daily on Saturday. Im am glad that i never went up in the dose though and so far so good things are on track.

Im going to start the Christmas shopping on Monday, gotta get those things early as i dont want to miss out on things esp if i leave it to the last minute, we will also take the Kids clothes shopping on the 28th Nov that way they can pick what they want, try them on and then they will have to wait till 23rd Dec to get them.

We are having Christmas Day early this year as my OH is a lorry driver and is down to work Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day and the next 2 days after that so we thought so he does not miss out we will be having our family christmas on the 23rd.

The kids cant wait cos they will get there pressies early, they also know that Santa has put me in charge now of buying the presents so that way i can make sure that we have the gifts here for our early christmas.

I think that the course of tablets that i am on are supposed to last the 12 weeks, so for me that will end the 2nd week in January. I dont want to come off them early this time unlike when i took the Zyban in 2005 because i went back onto those nasty blighters and i think i should have finished the course, oh well that was then and this is now so i know now that in order to stay off the cigs i must complete the course no matter what and most of all not give into temptation because as we know there is no such thing as only 1 wont hurt cos that 1 will be the start of a long hard road again and we dont want to travel down that road again.

Anhow, gotta go now, have a chunky scarf to knit. I will be back on again tomorrow with my day 4 update.

Good luck to everyone.


Jo x


champix and food

Hi Nutty

Im also on Champix, don't take them without food. I took mine on Saturday because I was in a rush and didn't eat until an hour later. Worst thing was I was flying to Ireland, I felt sick all day and flying feeling sick is not good. I ended up eating polo after polo.

So stick with food and tablet at the same time. Well done for reaching day 3 and keeping it warm for me tomorrow :D


Hi Nutty

Im also on Champix, don't take them without food. I took mine on Saturday because I was in a rush and didn't eat until an hour later. Worst thing was I was flying to Ireland, I felt sick all day and flying feeling sick is not good. I ended up eating polo after polo.

So stick with food and tablet at the same time. Well done for reaching day 3 and keeping it warm for me tomorrow :D

Hi Pam

Thanks for the heads up about the food. I will make sure that i keep taking them with something.

Good luck on Day 3



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