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Starting Again

Hi All, old and new.

Im back again. I last quit in 2008 and lasted for about 4 weeks. Nothing to be proud about but im back again this time for good.

So here I am day one, not been too bad, i've been in work all day so kept myself busy.

Im using Champix this time, so obviously I shall keep you all posted throughout the coming hours, days, weeks, years etc.

No doubt i'll speak to you all soon as I will be relying on all you lovely people for help and support.

Pam :p

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Keep up the good work, day 19 for me and Im loving it;)


Hi Batwoman

Good luck this time round, there are lots of us all starting out on that long road. Day 5/6 for me as i quit Sunday 24th in the morning, but im also on Champix too.

Stay strong and if you want this enough you will do it. ;)

Good luck.


Hi Batwoman....well done you on returning to your quit. I too, am a returner, and even more determined this time. Let's help each other through eh? Let me know how you are getting on with Champix...that was my second choice, but have decided to do the Allen Carr far so good....

Keep it up and well done on making the best decision you'll ever make

Embo :D


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