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No Smoking Day
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day 15 for me

Day 15 for me

Good morning everyone :D

That’s my second weekend completed without too much destruction .

Hardly had any craving over the weekend but when I did they where much longer than I have ever experienced before.

I think it is because I barely have cravings anymore, so when I actual do, they all build up into one bit mamma of all cravings,

Cannot believe day 15 is upon me all ready it has gone so so quick .

Pay day tomorrow for me so will be good to see the savings I will have from my quit proper now as I get paid monthly so couldn’t really judge.

Hope everyone is ok and I think I am in the new right room .

Good luck xx

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well done Gary you are doing so well, you should be really proud of yourself hun.

i'm sucking lozengers to help the cravings, have you tried anything like that to help your cravings?


hi karen .

a few years ago i did try the gum but found it burnt all my throat.

so this time i have just gone CT , and finding it quite easy accept like i said previous every now and again i get the monster cravings xx


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