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Newbie on Day 8 and struggling


New here, sort of was here 2 years ago and back again now.

Gave up smoking 8 days ago and although not easy its not been too bad so far but I am really struggling today. can't seem to shift the craving, it's quite constant its driving me mad:mad:

I suppose I just need somewhere to vent as my poor 2 year old keeps getting snapped at which is just making me feel worse.

Someone please tell me it gets better. Gone CT this time and its been ok up to now but god I want to smoke really badly right now and I hate that. That stupid little white stick that really won't make anything better ti just pretends to so that you keep going back to it, time and time again. I don't want to be beaten by something that is less that 10cm in size GRRRR

Sorry rant over.

Now I seem to have got that out of my system for a second.

Hi, I am sian, I gave up 8 days ago for the 3rd (proper) time. Last time I gave up and managed 2 mths on champix but they were turning me a bit psycho so I stopped taking them. This time going CT doing good so far (apart from today lol).

S xxx

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Hi Sian :)

You CAN do this hun, it's hard and some days are going to be tougher than others. Take a breathe, go for a quick walk, read a magazine, this is what i do when i'm having a hard time. Also read read and read somemore, some people may find this strange, but when i'm having a weak moment i go on youtube and type in "the effects of smoking" or " stop smoking" and watch videos to motivate me. I watched one the other day called "thanks nicotine, you killed my mom" or something like that, heartbreaking video but it made me very determined.

Good Luck hun


hi there,

I'm new here too and its my day 8 as well :) :)

Yesterday was pretty tough for me, not sure where all those sudden urges came from and I know if I had had something lying around I would have smoked it, ugh.

But so far so good!

Just go and smell your 2 year old and smile :) That should get your thoughts away from the stinky stuff.

I always bake when I'm agitated or nervous, wow we've had a lot of cake in this house lately! Good luck and keep on enjoying your LIFE without cigarettes.


Thank you for your support, it's really appreciated.

I know that when I go to bed later i'll be proud to have got through another day.

I was in the shop earlier and as I was queing up tp pay this old guy stood next to me and he absolutely stunk of stale smoke, it was vile. Gave me a boost to remember why I am doing this.

I might have to start baking on monday, gonna have to try and find a healthy option though as starting to put on the weight lol


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