No Smoking Day
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wow, day 7, what a bummer!!

first post, I feel like a lil one with a tiny voice ;) LOL.....

So far I thought I'm doing pretty well, this is day 7 for me after 37 years of smokes, many of them as a closet smoker (hence my nick here...)

Stopping was KINDA easy, I just didn't buy a new pack.

I did relish that last one to the fullest ;)

Had my craves and such, but really not as bad as I thought it would be. Except, TODAY, heck I could run out and buy TWO packs this second, what's up with that?!! Almost amused. I think I'll bake a cake or something, ahem!

What I found curious stopping is that I didn't plan this or thought about it much. I just had the hunch, maybe I'm ready, know what I mean? weird eh?

Well, lets have it, did anybody else have a sudden urge at the end of the first week?!

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kinda similar i didnt plan to quit i just played football and at the age of 31 i couldnt breath after match and just thought this is wrong lol on day 8 now and yeah craved abit today tbh, just went out for a jog and cravings went


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