No Smoking Day
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Day 7 I made it

Has seemed the longest week of my life in so many ways, not just the smoking thing but that has deffo added to it.

Just thought I would post some good news too, as we all seem to just post downers a lot of the time.

I walked to the supermarket and carried 3 heavy bags and was only the teeny tinyist bit out of breath when I got home, normally i would be huffing, puffing, heaving and stop for a minute half way!

Also my allergies seem to have *touch wood* disappeared! Well what I thought were allergies anyway, I guess were just irratants from smoke in my room and clothes. I used to be up all day and night sneezing, eyes watering, that awful itch inside your nose thing. Last 2days nothing, I have had sore throat, cough and blocked nose but not actual sneezing and itching and that annoying type.

Also i seem to be drinking lots more water, I used to hate the taste of it and never be thirsty now I can actually drink 3 glasses in a row (just did in fact)

Still waiting for my appetite to come back, it comes in waves.

Like now I was starving made a big pile of sarnies..ate 2 bites and now feel full. Can't waste it though will have to put them in fridge for lunch I guess :\

Otherday I made a load of lovely beans on toast, 2bites and the sight of it made me so sick I had to bin it.. what is that about? At least I won't put on tons of weight I guess.

Oh and my taste has changed, food doesn't taste stronger or better or worse just totally different!

On the negative, not smoking is making me poor =(

I only used to smoke a couple a day and I used to bum them off mates whenever I could or get the cheapest cigs going, so not feeling any real money benefit cause I keep getting myself *treats* for not smoking such as clothes and chocolate milk (!)

Biggest negative is my insomnia really, but I have always been a night owl and just got stuck in a pattern of not sleeping for like 24hours then crashing out for 10, then nothing for 12hours then getting 2 hours then repeat. So random argh.

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