No Smoking Day
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Day 5 Wooop!!!

:pwe today is day 5 for me ,

feeling quit good and very chuffed with myself for getting this far.

the big test will be tonight , when i am at the local watering house but feel confident to go and not smoke .

how is everyone else doing today .

not really having any cravings as such any more just a couple now and again so hopefully on top of it all .

good luck everyone keep going .:D

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Gary congratulation on day 5, and you look like you'll be ploughing into the weekend and week 1 with no problems at all. Fantastic that you are feeling so great, long may it continue.

Lorraine :)


Hope you get through tonight with no cigarettes, just think of all the good work you've done so far. Good Luck!x


Thanks , think i will be ok tell you truth, just had the best ever dinner pudding chips mushy peas,

the perfect stomach liner for tonights festivities , Been so easy today ,

just wish i was four o`cclock so i can finish work.

have a good weekend people and i will talk to you in the week 2 boards on monday morning x

and just for you

time not smoked

4 days, 13 hours, 27 minutes

Cigarettes not smoked


Money saved



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