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Day 5 Has arrived

Hi all well day 5 has arrived rather slowly but got here.

Feeling ok this morning but i have a horrible cough starting and still a bit tight chested but other than that feeling ok and able to breath much better.

Does the cravings get any better cos the thought of picking up my parents later from the airport ( who are smokers) is making me nervouse as i dont want to cave in and have one and ruin what i have done.

It has been easy over past few days as not been around smokers but i just keep thinking bout what it would be like to have just one - not going to but the thought of it....

Good luck to all of you xxxx

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I think it is going to be hard, but if your parents don't already know you're stopping smoking, let them know. Hopefully that way they wont smoke around you. Also take a bottle of water with a spout thing on it. For me this has really helped stop the cravings! Good luck. I'm starting day 5 too.We can do this!xx


Hi Emma and congratulations arriving on day 5. Don't worry about picking up your parents from the airport. They won't be able to smoke in the buildings, they can wait outside the airport whilst you get the car and you can ask them not to smoke in the car, just give them a bit of time at the airport to get their 'fix' and it won't be a problem (doesn't this make you feel glad to be quitting!)

The cravings come and go, not being around smokers I guess certainly helps, but if you actually watch a smoker smoke, look at their facial expressions etc. it's not very pretty, certainly enough to stop you grabbing for the packet, so if you're in the company of smokers, look at their faces when their smoking (don't stare, they might think you're strange). Sometimes when I thought I really wanted to smoke, I would look at smokers outside their offices, the supermarket etc. and it was certainly enough to delay any action until my mind went on to something else.

Nothing will ruin what you have done, if you are honest with people about how you feel, they should understand and want to help.

Lorraine :)


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