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Question about sleeping

Hello everyone!

I'm 21 and been smoking for roughly the last 5 and a half years. I am so determined this time and will quit! I was wondering though if anyone else had problems sleeping when they started to give up. Not because they couldn't sleep but because they were really hot? Last night wasn't warm at all and I had to sleep with my windows wide open because I was so hot!

Good Luck to everyone fighting this battle with me!

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Yes Hazza problems with sleeping can affect many in the early stages in the quit...

Also I know that it may seem like a battle now but please try not to look at it like that perhaps look at more like you made a choice not to smoke today? Just advice from my own experience :)


hmmm.. I don't remember the heat but I always sweat loads when I sleep anyway.

I remember it being difficult to get to sleep in the first 2 weeks but once I was asleep there was no alarm in the world that could get me up for work on time!

I'm 22 and have smoked for 5 years so we're almost in the same boat here. I'm sure we've done damage to ourselves but we're still young and right now is such a good time to quit (while our body can still repair itself really quickly and the habit we have is strong but not as strong as it could be I suppose).

This site is amazing if you really are determined and not just giving quitting a quick thought for a week. You'll find so much support and information here. If you haven't quit yet I would read the links in people's signatures and different posts so you can set a date and quit once and for all :)


It may have just been me last night and not related to me having stopped smoking. I'll see how tonight goes and whether or not I sleep comfortably! I think that we are lucky that we have quit when we are so young and that our bodies can repair themselves pretty much back to new!


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