No Smoking Day
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Day 2

Hi all well day 2 has arrived for me and day 1 was not so bad must of has about 6 lozengers and my patch was on all day - didnt really crave much.

Woke up this morning and instead of the usual gasp for breath and plonking a fag in my mouth i just had a lozenger and cuppa whilst kids having brekkie this is good for me.

Good Luck to everyone on day 2 im sure i gonna have some cravings today but not gonna give in.....


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that sounds great Emma, you're doing such a good job!

I'm sure your kids loved not having to breathe in your smoke while having their Brekkie :) think of that throughout the day if it gets tough.


Great job Emma - take one day at a time and set short term goals - baby steps.

Day 3 can sometimes be very difficult for peeps so it may be worth you looking on here for posts on the Terrible Threes - just to help you prepare (on a just in case but I'm sure you'll be fine ;))



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