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For anyone doubting that they can give up smoking read the 1 year + room, there are group of people that have never met or to my knowledge had any contact with each other outside of this forum. This group of random people have argued, loved, discussed, messaged, encouraged, shouted at and generally beaten each into a year of not smoking. I am honoured to be part of that group and if I was to give any advice to anyone giving up right now it would be get people around you to give you support and that you can give support to.

good luck


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Hi Jack

Well said Jack , I so agree with you, I cannot believe I have nearly done 12 months either, and I Know I could not have done it without the support of my pals on this forum.

So pleased you have made it here.

Dee xxx:);)


Thank you Jack - good post :)


Fully agree with what Jack said - I wouldn't be this close to 12 months with the support of these people, so as well as the NRT, CVhampix and all the other aids, get into a group and support each other.


So so true is all about supporting each other along the same journey....

I am sure that was the secret of the Octo group....people higher up the boards are great but it is the ones who can empathise right here and now that get you through....

Don't be frightened to jump in and answer someone else's cry in the early days, even if its just to say "I know I am craving too"....that is what starts to build the group. Watch out for each other and laugh and cry together.

Stopping smoking can be the loneliest of journeys but climbing that mountain with someone else makes it so much easier..

Good luck and laugh......... it really really helps. :)


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