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No Smoking Day
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ive stopped smoking

well i have stopped smoking i decided on thursday that i dont want to smoke any more and i have quit aint smoked since i have no cravings i have no probs about not having a ciggy have 40 in the draw and i just dont want to smoke em my mrs has started smoking them as she still smokes , ive gone from smoking 60 a day to zero but ive always said that you will only quit if you really want to . if your not doing it cus you want to then you wont manage it but just my thoughts , it is nice tasting my food now rather than it being bland , ive also shocked myself by cleaning everything and realising that everything was covered from smoking which it wont be again even if i decide to start again wont be smoking in the house .

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Very good! Welcome to the forum. Use it when you need to. Its good for giving help if craves hit, but also it helps in staying quit. That can be the issue. Focusing and remembering why you quit in the first place!


thing is i dont even know why i have quit it i just suddenly decided to and thanks


well im now 5 days in and still not even wanting a ciggy , dont know how im doing it but im doing it and feel so much better without the smell of em and the smoke everywhere .


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