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No Smoking Day
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Day 11

Day 11 and been through nightmare city the last couple of days :( but still no cigs have past my lips :) Tester was last night, went out for a meal with my wife and another couple, had a glass of wine, and as the conversation was flowing, it was half way through the night before the dreaded thought entered my head... so looking good so far ;) definately getting better, just gotta be strong and hang on in there...keeping busy is the key for me

good luck to everyone

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That is a massive test and you should be so proud of yourself for passing it :)

Imagine the day when the thought of a cigarette won't even cross our minds in a whole evening at all!


Thanx Sofia for you support this site does give you motivation ;) up early this morning 7am ready to fight day 12 :eek:


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