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No Smoking Day
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10 weeks and 1 day

Haven't been in the forum for a while, nothing to moan or groan about I suppose cos it's been EASY. A bit selfish on my part, so sorry for the lack of support for others.

10 weeks, quit counter up to £888 saved (this includes the booze and nights out that where linked to smoking)

Still reading Allen Carr ONLYWAY, meaty book but makes more and more sense as it goes on.

Hope it's going well for everyone else...


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Hi defrog!

well done on your quit so far! You must be so proud!!

I am now on day 58 (so 8 weeks and 2 days) and didnt realise that i should have moved up to month 3!!!

I have never read ONLYWAY..is it good?


well done defrog - good on you!!!


Hi Claire

Hi Tinkerbell

Allen Carr ONLYWAY. Is a good follow up to EASYWAY. It's like a bombardment on your brain. Tough reading but it has strengthened my quit no end.

The only draw back to reading the book is it makes you feel like such a fool that you could be taken in by the biggest con ever...SMOKING!

best wishes to all...

Congrats on getting to month 3. :)


Well done you. I can remember reading Allen Carr Easyway when I first quit and felt like a proper idiot for smoking as long as I did, and there was me thinking I was a relatively intelligent person!!?

Keep at it,

Lorraine :)


thanks defrog, think i may give it a go!


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