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No Smoking Day
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Day 8 - and got through the dreaded alcohol/pub episode!

Well i've reached this far relatively unscathed.

I'm definately not counting the seconds each day now, the days seem to be going as quick as they were before i quit.

Even got over the hurdle of "going out" at the weekend. I really didn't want to but I DJ and was dreading it! But after the first hour or so when i was still convinced it would be hell it went by pretty uneventfully.

I even, as happens spent most of the time outside with smokers. All that actually happened is the more tipsy i got the more i went on about quitting.

Had a slight hangover the next day, usually smoke endlessly when hungover, but stocked up on airways gum and jobs a good un.

To me that's a massive barrier out of the way!

It really is all mental.

I know it's still early, but it really is getting easier and easier every day.

Here's to us all!!

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Hello - and congratulations getting this far. The pub/cig link was a strong one for me - but once dealt with it beacame easy to handle.

You're sounding strong mate. Keep it going.



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