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Hip Hip Horray!!!!!


I just want to send a HUGE THANKS to all of you guys!!!!! I wouldn't have made it here without ALL of you. Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!

1 Month Baby, and it feels better than sex!!!!! Wait I actually have energy and stamina now. I'll have to rethink that! HaHa

The list of things that are better as a non-smoker just gets longer and longer

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better than sex? i'm gonna have to stay with this quit a bit longer then :) currently i'm at the better than a slap in the face stage i think!

anyways, a big happy woohoo for you! on making the month thing! see you in the month two forum tomorrow :)

Hey Benny huge congrats! I'll be taking your word for the better than sex too


Jane x

Well it still a struggle and there where so many times I never thought I would make 1 month, so this feeling is my new ammo against the nicodemon. I feel so much better than weeks 1,2,3 and I got through. I feel so much stronger, I don't think I've used that "get the hell away from me" tone in days, I used to use it every time I opened my mouth. If my breathing keeping improving I might take up skiing this winter. Possibilities are endless

lol, i think i have a 'get the hell away from me' stare! have had to do more than the usual amounts of apologising over the past four weeks :D still it's all worth it, like you say soooo much better than weeks 1-3, and month two will be a blast!!! 5mol<er

Thats amazing! Hopefully I'll be joining you soon... I'm hitting a month this time next week!

I can only imagine how proud you must feel of yourself, I can feel my body healing itself everyday too!

My 'get the hell away from me' stare hasn't gone away quite yet... people at work seem to take that look as a 'she needs a pick-me-up' so every time they pass by my desk they ask me if I'm still angry or not!

Eitherway, today I just laughed at that and hopefully its the start of a new non-smoking me - one that isn't grouchy!

so anyway- amazing job benny for getting to month 1 and I'll see you there soon!

Hey don't get me wrong I spend a lot more time apoligising then I did a few months ago. But I know I catch myself a lot faster than I did week 1-3. Now I'm able to get out of there for a few min before I open my mouth. I wish the stare was my prob but for some reason my mouth opens and mean things can come out and I'm normally a really niec up beat person. I'm lucky I work on a team of all men. They see to find it funny to watch a female swear under her breath. Hey everyday you learn new ways to cope I guess

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