No Smoking Day
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i nearly caved in !!

what a horrible few days :( :( i bought my daughter an 8 week old puppy and she died within 48 hours !!!! it was horrible and to see my daughter so upset broke my heart .. and i must admit i nearly said " sod it ( well the word was stronger than that !!!) and had a fag but !! I DIDNT!!!!!! it is getting so much easier now . and its also quite fun throwing people out of my place to satnd in the cold and smoke lol xxx any one who is struggling on here?? YOU CAN DO THIS!!! be proud and keep fighting :) xxxx

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Awwww... how awful for you!!!

Having a fag wouldn't have made it any less awful though.....! Well done for holding out!

You've got every right to feel proud! :)


hadnt though of it like that !! but true wouldnt have made it feel any better .. thank you xxx


Sally that's so sad, i'm really sorry. Smoking wouldn't have made the situation any better though but it must have been tough. Well done you on getting through what must have been a very testing time, you've come out the other end a stronger person, great job.

Lorraine :)


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