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annoyed at myself

Hi everyone i have been busy for the last week or so so not been around. tomorow is the last day of my fourth week and i just nearly gave in. I havent thought about having a cigarette for ages and was doing so well till after a stressful day today i realised my mum left her cigarettes on the side in my kitchen i got to the point of lighting it and i still cant believe i nearly did then i suddenly remembered all the reasons i didnt want to. I am back in hospital in 4 weeks which is absolutley petrifying me but smoking wont help if anything it will make it worse. My kids are both ill with chesty coughs again. sorry for the down load people just really annoyed at myself so here to try and get rid of the craving. Kind of wish my oh wasnt away my own company isnt always good for me

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hi lottelee, that sounds like it was a close one, but you made it, so well done you! you are right, smoking won't help anything, it will just slowly destroy your health like it did last time.

you did well to look on the forum too, we're all facing the same issue. i'm on the four weeks too and i'm so suprised how strong the cravings can be after such a long time. my house mate smokes so like you i always have that temptation around and it seems to make the cravings stronger.

deep breaths, plenty of water, make sure you're not hungry, angry, tired, lonely etc. tales of the quit always helps me too, hope your craving mellows soon, 5mol<er


Don't be annoyed with yourself.... be proud of yourself.... YOU DIDN'T LIGHT IT!


5mol<er i will have to go with lonely and tired. My oh is away again so with the kids in bed life is pretty lonely and will have to go with tired 2 ill children makes for sleepless nigths for mummy. kind of hiding in my living room now with my laptop and the weekends x factor should take me to sleep time although could go now but waiting for my siter to drop off my keys that i leftat hers earlier so about half hour to keep going and then tomorow is another day


cool, tired and lonely it is. tired you will deal with soon. lonely, well we always have our loved ones with us in our memories, so why don't you try and think of 10 times your oh made you smile :) when i do that it feels like i'm with the ones i love, then i don't feel so alone. when it works its better than any cig could be :) 5mol<er



Your my hero if I got that close don't know if I could stop myself. That took alot of strength!!!! I get the tired on def understand the lonely but it doesn't last and that's a part of life smoking or not. Hang in!!!!! Today's my 1 month you'll be here in a few short days and let me tell you it feels amazing!!!!!!!!


Thankyou everyone for your lovely messages.

Busy tonight trying to plan the oh's 30th birthday trying to find something slightly different to do that he will enjoy it is definatley keeping me busy didnt think it would be this difficult.

Will definatley have to try the thinking of 10 things he does that make me smile would definatley distract me. Almost a month now only a few days to go. day 28 now so not much further to go


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