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Second Week and so proud!

Morning everyone

Hope you all had a good weekend?

Ive made week 2 and im so proud of myself. :D And i didnt wear a patch yesterday i wasnt at home and forgot to pack them, and i managed to cope with everything fine! Im starting to think "Its all in your mind!"

Hope you all have a good "No Smoking Day!" today

Remember "Ride the Wave"! if you need too ;)


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Well done for making it to week 2! thats really amazing and I'm glad you feel proud of yourself - cos you should be!

Careful with the patches... I used them for my first week and then felt strong enough to stop using them... the first day was fine but then I got SERIOUS withdrawal - mood swings, crying etc! Be ready for this to (maybe!) happen and make sure you've go something handy to help you through if sudden cravings hit.

Keep that great attitude though!


Thanks Sofia

Ill take note on that one, I do have a patch on today, not quite ready to go out on my own just yet ha I just forgot to pack one over the weekend :rolleyes:

Hope your having a good no smoking day?



I am, thanks :)

Cravings are definately less frequent on day 23 and its great to have made it over the weekend! of course I'm completely over eating but going to the gym quite a bit... and anyway I figure what I'm doing now deserves some sort of reward so I can have all of the pastries I want :D


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