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Day 7

Hi guys! I'm on day 7..For the past three days I've been getting huge cravings when i wake up in the morning :mad:...they come and go randomly, & I almost gave up last night because it was my friend's birthday. You know how it is, "Hey smoke one with me. Come on! it's my birthday!" Luckily I had another friend preventing me from taking a stog, otherwise I think I would have gave in eventually...

Any suggestions?? :confused:

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for the morning cravings maybe try the HALT method, think about what the 'craving' is trying to get you to avoid - i.e. are you Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired? if you are, do something about it and maybe the 'craving' will go away...

for the other bit, either avoid friend A for a while, or reprogram yourself with this bit of reading... 5mol<er


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