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How patches work ???

Who thinks that patches and their desired effect seem to wane the further the day goes on?????

I put my patch on around half 7 in the morning, by this time of the night(almost 11pm) I start getting really irritable. My OH got irritable about three hrs ago but it's just hit me now I feel like I need a lil bit of extra "something!!!". Ohhhhhh why is this sooooo hard!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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It's a while since I used patches but I do recall them reducing in effectiveness and that was normal.

I used the big guns to start with but they were far to strong and dropped in strength after 5 days and stuck with them for similar time, I think.

You may need stronger ones but at your stage, I personally would just accept that they reduce as the day moves on and as they reduce I would need to up my focus.

Are you and your OH putting fresh ones on at the same time?

As far as needing something a little extra............. you don't, you feel you do, but you don't. You yourself are strong enough to win this battle that will get easier each hour, each day. The nicotine is reducing and the addict in you in wanting it put back, fight it and know whilst it is tough, it can be fought and beaten.

Its a great feeling getting through the craves.


Actually ur so right. I went swimming with my little girl yesterday so I didn't put a patch on until after our swim, I used one of those lozenge things whilst walking to swimming and it made me feel sick, dizzy and my heart kept beating quite fast. I did read that even when u take a patch off nicotine is still transferring to the bloodstream so maybe that's what happened to me yesterday, it felt like I'd had too much that's for sure!! So I'll stick wiv the 21mg patch for now. Yep we do tend to put em on around the same time, cept yesterday mine went on about 5 hrs after OH's and I was pretty chilled last night whereas he was getting a bit cranky again. He had a lie in this morning so he's dead laid back tonight cos the patch went on later in the day so they must reduce in effectiveness??x


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