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No Smoking Day
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day 4


I have got to day for, i feel great, i ran yesterday for the first time down the street and didn't feel out of breath. I also had a bottle of wine last night and got over the fags by standing outside with my mates holding on to a pencil!! i keep eating anaseed balls tho, they have strong taste and have helped me. I carry my pencil round with me at all times, it's the same size as a fag and it just makes my hand feel like it's doing something.

I have got to day for and i won't ever smoke again, eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee x

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Well Done!!

Im on day 4 also. I will make it to day 5. I have to do it in stages like small baby steps :) Keep going! We dont smell of stale smoke now wooohooo


Yay! Well Done. I'm on Day 4 now and can completely understand what you mean about the running. Before I stopped smoking I couldn't run half a mile...and I'm 21! It is so much easier since i've stopped. Keep up the good work!x


well done keep up the good work,

liking the pencil idea, and the sweets xx


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