No Smoking Day
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3 Years

Had a guest in the house this morning and I kept asking myself "What on earth is that smell?" After he left I realized it was the stink of cigarettes. I had to leave the front door open for a while to air out the room because of the smell.

I then realized that it has been almost, but not quite, 3 years since I've quit. Like others who have posted in the penthouse I have to admit I almost never think about cigarettes any more. That's why I'm posting now because I'm sure I'll forget all about cigarettes until another few months (or year) have passed.

So all you quitters out there keep it up! I know it's so very hard to quit your first cig, then your second, then your third, the first week, the first month...But, after a while, the urge just disappears and you'll wonder what all the fuss was about!

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Wow, well done you, I agree it stinks, hate when they stand in doorways, I hold my breath until I get past.



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