No Smoking Day
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Hi everyone, my first two days weren't too bad - was too feverish with flu & bronchitis & stupefied by rubbish TV to worry about cigs, but am getting a bit restless now.

I've read many of the messages on this forum over the past few days - thank you for sharing your experiences, it really helped put things into perspective.

I have had loads of attempts to give up - about five in the last year, obstacles seem to be lack of persistent willpower, cravings that reduce me to tears & depression and a deep sense of loss, partner who's wonderful & supportive, but a militant smoker himself...

I've smoked for 22 years; it was never meant to be that long. It's going to be a bumpy ride.

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I quit a few years ago for some months because I had REALLY bad tonsilitis... use this expirience so that this quit (not like the others) sticks and becomes your final one :)

You've said it youself there... you never inteded to smoke for this long, but somehow you have! remember that, read, post, educate yourself and you'll manage!

Well done on getting this far


Thank you.


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