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Day 2 - now its getting interesting

Day 2, and I feel both great and rubbish at the same time.

The rubbish feeling is my stomach. It's still no better than yesterday. I'm sick of the smell of peppermint tea. I'm sure it will pass but I wasn't expecting it so was unprepared. I can eat rice and drink tea. Thats about it.

I had a craving today walking home from work. It just leapt on me. I had to leave work early. I had 6 missed calls from the dog walker. I went to reach for the fags before I rang her back, expecting the worst news. Turns out she had lost the key to the front door and couldn't leave the dog back home. I got the Tube and walking back from the station I realised I had nothing to worry about, the dog was fine. And thats when the craving hit. I passed numerous shops on the way home and ignored the temptation to go in.

I got home and while looking for some scissors.....I found cigarettes :eek: I must have hidden them ages back. A box of 10. Unopened. I felt nothing. I mean absolutely nothing. 30 minutes earlier I really wanted one but when I saw them in person memories of the taste, the painful lungs, the smelly clothes, the smelly hair, the money down the drain etc etc all came flooding back. It would have been so easy. My partner is away overnight for a work trip so unless the dog ratted me out it would have been my secret. But that's where the ethics of quitting come in.

I had bought my big piggy bank today and put him where my ashtray used to be. He already has £20 from today and yesterday. £20 after 2 days!!??!!??!! What the hell have I been doing all these years.

So tomorrow is day 3. I'm ready for it. I have a VERY long day at work tomorrow to get things finished I didn't today due to leaving early. A long working day on what I have been told can be a tough 3rd day isn't a bad idea I don't think. I'll soon find out.

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Well done Bog,

That story was just what I needed to hear right now. Also on day2, and battling a bit. I love the piggy bank idea, will get one tomorrow. Keep well with the quit and life in general.



Thanks - I'm on day 2 also

I like the piggy bank idea. I'm anxious on day 2 and feel disoriented for whatever reason? Hubby and I are in this together and we are committed, but struggling. Thanks for the posts


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