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No Smoking Day
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A Word Of Caution

Hi Everybody,

I am writing this to share what happened in my last failed attempt. I hope it serves as a warning and proves of use to one of you:

I was half way through day 13 and was feeling totally comfortable and confident. Until I put on a jacket I hadn't worn for at least 2 weeks! inside was a full box of cigs and matches. I just calmly took one out and lit it. It was as if my brain tricked me into thinking it was fate and not my fault. Do you know what I mean?

I am alot more wary now and a lot less cock sure of myself. This is no ordinary kind of enemy!

Its like going twelve rounds with Tyson and hoping to win on points in the 12th.


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So you are "out of site, out of mind" kinda person... My self, exactly the opposite.

I have always gone into panic mode when I don't have any or enough ciggies. So, now I dare my self by keeping an opened, half full, pack on my book shelf. It is half full for a purpose as well - no-one would notice if I took and smoked one. This reminds me that it is my decision not to.

Besides, if I really wanted a smoke... well I can literally climb mountines or go begging to get one anyways :) So for me its only a good thing to have a "dare pack" staring at me from the shelf, keeping me calm and letting me decide not to touch it.

I'm enjoying my new powers - be aware batman!


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