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25 days and counting (up!)


I just joined the forum and it's been 25 days since I quitted smoking. I've found a lot of support in friends and family to get to this day. I was a smoker for over 16 years and it was time to chose LIFE ;)

I decided to go cold turkey and not use any substitutes. All I'm doing is a blog every couple of days to remind me why I've quite. I dedicate each blog to an additive of tobacco, and after few days reading about all the stuff tobacco companies add to it... I really don't want to have a cigarette even near!

One of the hardest part of giving up is going to the pub. Oh my! I avoided it for few days and the association with beer was greater than I could expect, but after these 3 weeks I'm feeling strong. I even had the guts to reject a ciggy that a so-called friend offered, and did not get stressed. :D You always find the odd loser that offers you one, they are the people to avoid in the future.

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hi raulek, a warm welcome to the forum! and thanks for sharing the blog, it's really helping me to stay quit to hear about all that gunk in cigarettes - no wonder smoking makes me feel sooooo bad!

with what you say about some smokers offereing you cigs, there is a nice story about that in 'tales from the quit' called the herd mentality, i think you will like it :) 5mol<er


wow thank you so much, I really enjoyed it!!!! he currently writes here truly amazing :)


Welcome to the forum!! I think you are the closed with your quit date to mine here... I have to admit that I planned to quit 1st of Sep as well, but caved on my first day :o Then tried again the next day and here we are on day 26 now.

Great blog! Gonna explore it a bit more now...


I had the same doubts on day one, luckily i had thrown all my ciggies the night before. Anyway what matters most is that you got back on track :) let's b strong!



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