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24 hours in :)

hi guys. came across this and decided it would be nice to get some support and hope to help others too :)

i am 24 hours into my decision to stop smoking .. and i feel scared ?? its weird but thats the only way to describe it :( xx i work in a shop and counted how much omoney i took in 45 mins and was shocked to see that customers had spent £50 in that time !! i mean wow !! my daughter thought being at work would be hard and it was in a way but seeing people spend that much money in such a short space of town was quite shocking ... i hope everyone else is coping with the dredded cravings :( xx

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Congrats on 24 hours!!!! Good for you!!!! Keep Up the GREAT work!!!!

Everyone is scared at the begining, it's natural. My best tip is the next time you feel the FEAR try to figure out WHAT it is that your scared of... We all experience this and when you can recognize what your fighting then you gain some control. This site is full of amazing advice and support from people who are currently, right now going through the same thing you are. Read as much as you can and check out some of the links people have under their names. This is war and the best way to defend yourself is to educate yourself. Go on the offence! Remember we're here when you need us. Don't worry about sounding mad, crazy, scared trust me we've felt it all!!! Today is my 3 weeks and trust me that first deep breath in the morning is worth it all!!


thank you :( i was just sitting here going crazy lol and i have never thought of it as a war b4 but your right .. and i am determined not to let the stupid £5 a packet demoins win :) thank you again xxxx and congrats to you aswell i cant wait till i can finally say I DONT SMOKE!!! xx


is this crazy ??but i have found that singing helps?? i mean loud singing .. the kind that gets you out of breathe !!! weird i know but whenever i want a fag i sing a song and it REALLY sems to be helping :) xxx


be strong

congrats on your 24hours! It's a great achievement :) I agree with benny, remember why you are doing it and read about tobacco, it will put you off for sure!

I started a blog before I joined this forum. I write each time about an additive or a compound found in the smoke of cigarettes, and now that I'm in week 3 (25 days :D) I really don't feel the need to smoke at all.

Be strong and get support from your family and friends, they surely know how to take good care of you

Have a great weekend smoke free!!


is this crazy ??but i have found that singing helps?? i mean loud singing ..

Yep, you're going mad. :D

Honestly, whatever works for you. I found if I had/have a crave deep breathing helps.

Fight, spit, bite and snarl throu the first few days if you have to, it does get easier after that.


Good Luck With Your Quit x


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