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Pressure or What?

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that I have just finished a very intense 3 day First Aid Course, which included an assessment on the final day. Normally when I am under such pressure the old nicotine is working overtime...however I am very proud to say I didnt bow down to was tough but I got through it. Am now on day 18... well done to everyone else who has got through this week...have a great weekend. xx:):)

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Well done Pippa!

Thats great news!

i am on day 46 now, (its gone so fast!) as have returned to uni this week. I was so worried about how i was going to cope as a non-smoker, especially as we all used to go outside for a ciggie inbetween lectures!

But i have coped well and am impressed with myself well done to us!

And well done to everyone else who has managed the week with no nicotine!


well done pippa! (and claire!) it's getting through the tough days that really lets you know you can make it! have a wonderful and relaxing smoke free weekend :cool: 5mol<er


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