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Exact rules of N.O.P.E???

Hi all,

First of all, thanks to all of you for helping me get to day 13! - I actually just had to count it on the calendar because I can't believe I've got that far already!

I need some help with the exact rules of N.O.P.E.. This weekend its my boyfriend's bday and we're going to this bar which does shisha pipes. Now, I know they have tabacco but do they have nicotene also? I obiously don't want to find myszelf in withdrawal again but even before when smoking shisha I always had a cigarette in hand too as I don't think it affects me in the same way.

I just want to point out that I'm not looking for a loophole here! It's just something we do VERY occasionally (2-3 times a year) and I want to know whether Shisha would make my body react to smoking in the same way that cigarettes, pipes, chewing tabacco etc would do.


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Hi Sofia I am no expert on this subject but did a google and absolutely loads came up and not very good, so it’s down to you on how you choose to deal with it.

I don’t think the N.O.P.E comes into it as you will not be ruled by anyone else’s opinion but your own, and as it’s a personal choice then you have to be responsible for your actions.

You are doing so well and it would be a pity to not be able to look back in a years time and know that you hadn’t had any tobacco products during your quit.

Wish your OH Happy Birthday and have a great weekend no matter what you decide to do.

If you are Happy with the choices you make then that is all that matters x


i think nicotine is a natural part of tobacco, so yes it will have nicotine. nicotine is the natural insecticide that the tobacco plant makes to protect itself from insects - it is a very powerful poison, which is why we smoke it strangely.

i'm with you on the powerful desire to smoke a sheesha pipe, it was one of the (many many) reasons it took me so long to make the break from smoking. maybe you could smoke but not inhale? i also see on the net that they make some nicotine free blocks for the pipes, maybe you could ring the shop and see if they have any?

if you do *accidentally* inhale :) just make sure you have a nice strong patch (and scissors!) with you the next day!

best of luck! 5mol<er


Hi both,

Thanks for your help.

Jamangie - I had the same problem with google... I found loads of articles about harmful content of Shisha compared to Cigarettes but none on nicotene! Thanks for the advice though, I'll keep it in mind!

5mol<er - well thats interesting about the reason why nicotene exists! So I'm going through a difficult time thanks to a powerful coctail of the amazing evolution of plants together with human stupidity! :P I usually try not to inhale when smoking shisha anyway as a few years ago a good arabic friend of mine told me that's the way to taste it properly. Again, thanks for your advice and I'll keep that in mind also.

In my mind I wouldn't consider this a slip but I'll have to see what happens when/if I decide to join in a friendly round. I'll have some gum and patches handy :) I'm actually feeling super strong today, thanks all!


Unfortunately Shisha contains nicotine so you are kidding yourself if you think you can smoke it instead of cigarettes - no matter how little it contains.

Nocotine is probably the most addictive drug known to man so allowing even a small amount into your body is feeding that little demon and putting you back on the path to smoking again.


I have never used a Shisha but understand its a method of smoking so as far as I'm concerned its off limits, but each to their own. One point to consider though is that if you are currently using NRT then use of a Shisha might possibly increase your nicotine intake above safe levels.


Only used NRT for the first week... I carry them around with me just in case but I haven't used them for almost a week now.

NicFirth - I'm quite undecided as to whether it counts too, but then again with herbal cigarettes you are also smoking but its not quite smoking... I'm a bit confused about the whole issue and that's why I posted. Thanks for your feedback and pointing out the NRT dangers!

RDNZL999 - I can see where you're going here... even if it doesn't put me on the path to smoking I would still go through withdrawal again, in your opinion. I just want to make it clear that I don't want to smoke Shisha to replace cigarettes - like I said before, I used to have both in hand when I was smoking as one doesn't exclude the other to me! I consider them totally separate substances.

I don't want to replace the cigarettes with anything (well, maybe cake for now) so I wouldn't use this as an excuse to make my smoking 'okay'.

Eitherway, I'll keep all these things in mind


.... I want to know whether Shisha would make my body react to smoking in the same way that cigarettes, pipes, chewing tabacco etc would do.

Exactly the same but totally different depending on your state of mind and your habit.

If you were a habitual smoker, having a puff on a shisha might be an issue. Having a dip or a chew wouldn't make the blindest bit of difference.

If you were an ex snuff user or chewer you could have a good toke no probs.

Plenty of people smoke just at parties for example or have a wee spliff every few months. They don't end up going to parties so they can smoke! Their rule, "it is now an acceptable smoking opportunity" is satisfied a few times a year rather than 20 to 30 times a day.

It's the 200-600 repetitions per day that gives you the habit we all battle with.

Personally, the fact you're asking the question suggests you'd be better off avoiding it for the moment.


thanks guys,

We didn't go to a shisha place in the end but eitherway, I wouldn't have done it... it's true that I'm still getting over the motions of smoking and the habit of it so its best to steer clear for the moment.

It was a ridiculously tough weekend in bars and clubs (no smoking ban here!) but I made it :)

on day 16 now, thanks for all of your replies, they really helped!


I used to love shisha then one day at my mates house theirs malfunctioned and I breathed in a load of dirty water, since then I got a phobia of them, I could have got over it but I chose to hold onto that fear and make it worse and worse in my head..You know what? I am glad! It means I don't have to think about giving that up!

Glad to see you didn't , I would have said even if you could get nicotine free shisha it would still remind you of the feeling of smoke inside and that might trigger a different psychological addiction reminder.


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