No Smoking Day
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Auxilliary Nurse

lm on my fifth day of refraining from the dreaded weed. Although l still crave the nicotene l feel progress is being made with regards to the cleansing of my skin already. The sweating at nights isnt nice and lm giving off this horrible smell as the toxins ooze out of my body. lm tryin not to eat too much particularly sugary foods. Mind you when first stopping smoking it tends to drop your blood sugars so l dont suppose it would be that bad to divulge a little. I think lm going to quit this time.lve got a nasty peptic ulcer and an arm which was fractured but hasnt fully healed due to the smoking. Gotta do this and everyone on this forum l want to wish the very best on this one.lts not about luck but more down to strength and focus. Its not a case of thinking gotta do it ,its we will do it or we are defeating the most important part in all of this...... ourselves. Each day is a celebration,lets keep celebrating our new lives.

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