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No Smoking Day
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feeling rubbish

hi there, I am new to the forum, but thought I would give it a-go as am in much need of support and encouragement. I am on day-5 now, although had a minor slip up last night and feel so so awful about it. :mad: Was on the patches but found out I have an allergy to them, so was going cold turkey (for the second time in my life - first time I gave up for a year and a half)....am feeling really down - can anyone give me any advice/encouragement?


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Hi Emma, your doing really well, ok u had a slip up, just get yourself back on the right road and be strong in yourself. im on day 4 today, i look at craving's as a wave (i know it sounds strange!) but everytime i have one im riding this wave and "IM STAYING ON THE BOARD" and not going to fall off it!!! Ok ive got help i.e. patches, lozenges, i also find handcream and vaseline lip therapy (rose) helps, handcream is keeping my hands busy (and smooth ha) vaseline, just to make my lips feel different and fresh. I know it all sounds very strange and (im probably off my trolley!) but hey its working! u need to find the right way for u, keep reading and get ideas off people on the forum, its a great place to be. Everyone is in the same boat.

Good luck Emma and remember "No Smokes Today" :D



Hi Emma, Jules is absolutely right, you have to find your way to quitting. All our quits are different and we all perhaps take little things from each others experience and find they work for us, but you have to find the right combination. You have quit before for over a year, how did you do it then, don't think it didn't work just because you started smoking again.

Early on in my quit, like Jules, I really enjoyed the smells of the hand, body, face creams, shampoo etc. and I really took notice of it because I knew those smells would go or change as soon as I smoked.

Don't waste time feeling sorry for yourself because of last night. What you decide to do from this point is what is important.

Keep positive and keep away from those cigarettes, it is the cigarettes making you miserable, not the quit!!

Lorraine :)


Thanks guys....its a amazing how a few words of encouragement really do work. Much appreciated and well done to you guys for keeping on it.:D


new here hi all.

hi everyone im a new one,i need some advise if thats ok,after trying some no smoking aids,all which ive failed at, and being asthmatic cant have the champix,saddly!,but a friend of mine who smoked 30 a day and now has stopped, she used the E cigy,now i know this is silly of me,ive ordered it,should be here in the morn,but i havent asked my gp if me being asthmatic can use it to,in so wanting to pack in as well as need to,i just thought if its worked for her, ill order it, and hopefully it will work for me,but was wondering if anyone like me with asthma has used this E cigy, and were you ok using it? will it harm my chest more?.I want to join you all, and become a none smoker.hope to hear from you soon.kind regards ellen.


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