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Day 4 over


This is my first post. Today is the end of my 4th day without a cigarette. I am really proud of myself, and so much so that I am smiling:D. It was tough. I felt really stressed and anxious all day today, almost feeling sick. Lots of people say that the 3rd day is one of the worst, but today was really tough. I hope tomorrow will be slightly easier, but even if it is worse I will not give in. This is hard, but I blame the cigarettes for it, and blaming them entirely (instead of lighting one up) really helps me. Smoking one would mean it would be all for nothing. Instead, the pain of parting with my cash and my health and my time would cost me more than what I am going through right now or what I will go through over the next few days.

I'm taking it one day at a time, but gosh I feel liberated. I'm keeping positive, and hope this will help others. good luck to everyone and stay strong!



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Well done you!!!

You sound like you've certainly got the right attitude to succeed! :)


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