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Allen Carr

Hi all,

I'm coming to a point where the not smoking advantages are barely outweighing the smoking disadvantages. In short, I catch myself thinking 'Today I won't smoke... but at some point I want to again'.

So - Alarm bells are going off in my head! no matter how much I read cigarettes don't seem like the enemy anymore so I've decided to buy the Allen Carr book.

I just have a few questions:

Is it suitable for someone who's already quit? or is it only good for those who are planning to?

Easyway or onlyway?

"Easyway to stop smoking: be a happy non smoker...." or "Easyway to stop smoking permanently" or "easyway for women to quit smoking"?

Thanks to anyone who can give me any information here, I'm going to get my book from amazon so I can't exactly leaf through it to see which one I think is best!

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Sorry can't help with the book thing, but... Nothing wrong with "some day I will want to again" as long as that day is faaaaar away in the future. For me it actually helps to think that I am allowed to smoke some day... but not today.... not tomorrow... not next week, but some day. It takes away the weight of "never".

One day at a time!


Hi, I've only read the easyway so I can't speak for the others, but i'd say the easyway would be ok. The woofmang tales on my link worked better for me though, in keeping me quit. Its just a case of learning how to keep the reasons for why you quit in the forefront of you mind. I do that by occasioanl reading again of woofmangs posts and by posting on here with support for people. It reinforces my quit and at over 19 months I find I still need to do it occasionally! You've passed the biggest hurdle though, by realising that you need to take proactive action to do it. Well done! Fi


Also its worth looking at the e-book on whyquit and working through 1 or both of the quit programmes in my signature, they all have similar info.

Like Fi I found Allen Carr useful but only part of the story.


quitting for good!

Hi! i am starting right here but wanted to know has anyone tried Champix? I just got some online from a pharmacy and wanted to know if it really works and if anyone can 'coach' me through the days.. a nurse friend of mine told me about it and went on and on about how well it works, so this is my time to test..

the allen car book never worked for me, so i think its time to turn to medicine..anyone else?


Hi guys!

Thanks very much! I know the book isn't a miracle cure but I really do need that extra push right now.

I just ordered it from Amazon and it'll be here next week - I'm determined to not cave in until I hear what Allen Carr has to say about that!

I read that e-book on my first day and it did help... I had forgot about it, thanks NicFirth.

Savuton - I suppose you're right... its like smokers who say they'll quit tomorrow, and the day after and the week after and the year after! Thinking about it doesn't make it happen. So just becuase I think about smoking doesn't mean I will do it. Thanks for the words of encouragement!

hope you're all doing well!


Many people have succeeded through Alan's book.

I failed misrabley. The book didn't fail I accept total responsibility. The fact is that in the book it says don't stop until you have read the book. I have read section after section and if I'm being honest I put off completely reading the book as judgement day had arrived when it was time to stop.:mad:



I did the easyway and although I didnt quit straight away it certainly logged in my mind and woulldnt go away. Basically I had run out of excuses after giving myself quit date after quit date and went cold turkey. I could not say it was easy in any way but nearly a year on I can honestly say I love being quit, it gives you a great sense of achievement and I dont cough anymore or smell of fags.

quitter 2 - I suggest you join the champix crew or at least look at their posts, if you go to quick links and then social groups you will find them.

My advice for all new quitters is to join or start a quit group, thankfully I joined the Octoquits last year and there help,humour,advice and support defiantely got me here today.

Hope you all manage to quit, and keep posting.

Good Luck



Read it!


I say just read the Easyway and take it from there. I finished the book one week and two days ago and have now quit for one week and one day.

I smoked for a day after I finished knowing that I would have to stop the next day. Obviously its still early days for me but something has changed in my mind about smoking. That's the trick of the book but its not even a trick.

Basically, Allen Carr just tells the truth about smoking in plain and simple English. I think its a great book...I got my used copy from Amazon for 99p...quite possibly the best 99 pence I will spend in my life.

Get it and read it you won't regret it. He reccomends that you continue to smoke as normal whilst reading it and this certainly worked for me. Some people have had to stop reading it because they're not ready to give up and they know if they finish it they will have to give up.

He explains many simple truths but I like this one - that smoking nicotine is just the biggest con going, we've just been conning ourselves all our smoking lives - once you break the cycle you can stop, simple as.

Good Luck:D



Thanks all for your advice!

George Hazah - I bought the book when I was already a month quit... in a few days I'll be 2 months quit and I've only read the first chapter :S ... I'm just finding it difficult to 'get into' like you would a normal book... saying that tho even the little I've read has helped me see smoking as this 'big con' and that all it really is is a nicotine delivery system.

Let's hope that in later months, if I feel that things are getting tougher, this book will help me think straight should I ever decide that its a good idea to light up again!


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