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The D is for "Dammit cigarettes". My quit day is Monday the 27th of September. I need to sleep sometime in the next 2 days so don't have time to list my reasons for quitting, because thats how long it would take!

I'm tired of parting with my hard earned money to kill myself. The money I have spent in the last 18 years to commit slow suicide would have paid for a hitman to do it much quicker and less painfully.

I smell. I know it, everyone knows it. I hate being identified as a smoker before I even open my mouth.

We've moved offices to the 7th floor of a busy university. The time it takes to get outside due to lazy students stopping on every floor, squeeze in a smoke and get back to my desk means I always feel the need to stay late to make up for lost time.

So its killing me, leaving me broke, making me smell AND keeping me away from my girlfriend for longer in the evening??? What on earth am I doing!

I have my eye on a moneybox for my ash cash, I'm telling colleagues tomorrow not to ask me to go for fag breaks and my cigarette paraph****ia is going in the bin (except my ashtray from Venice). I have Allan Carrs book which I start tomorrow and will make last until Sunday.

I love this forum already and have read some great posts. I like reading about the bad days. My one issue with some websites is its all sunshine amd roses. Well of course its not. To hear of other peoples difficulties means I'll be even more assured that Im not alone in whatever bad bits crop up.

I have to say there is one part of being a non-smoker I am NOT looking forward to; smelling London without the nasal congeting effects of cigaretttes to act as a buffer.

I gave up 2 years ago for 2 months on willpower alone. They were the best 2 months of my life, ruined by a bad day at work. I felt reborn. Focusing on how good it felt, and got better every day, will help.

I'll keep reading until Monday but then it will be a Day 1 smoke free post!

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I'll keep reading until Monday but then it will be a Day 1 smoke free post!

Excellent idea then you will be in a positive frame of mind which you have gto be. If you have will power then you will be ok. I did it that way too.

Oh and welcome to the forum, keep posting.:)


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