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No smoking for me today!!


Hi Im Jules

Been here before back in March. Put things got very stressful in my life so i started smoking again, now things seem to be calm, so i'm trying again. Today is day 1 of my NO SMOKING LIFE! This time im going to do it. Reading all the posts really help to think positive. im on patches, plus lozenges (if needed ha) so far had my last cig last night, and not had a craving yet!

Will post again tomorrow. Good Luck everyone!


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Thats wonderful! Hope the feeling lasts :)

A 'calm time' in your life is a good time to start... but also remember that just because things get stressful doesn't mean you should start again! I read something today in one of the links in someone's signature that was very good for me (specially because today is turning into a HELL of a day at the office) - the way I interpreted the advice was : If something terrible happens (flood, death, losing something etc), what will smoking do? Will it miraculously solve the problem at hand? no. will it enlighten you as to what to do? no. All it will do is after the cigarette is finished you will feel ashamed because you just threw your quite out of the window.

Hope I've expressed myself the way I meant to!

Keep strong and well done :)

Good for you Jules on giving it another go, and starting off in a calm place is definitely a huge bonus.

Take it day by day, keep positive, find things that make you laugh/smile. This is my third attempt, and I truly believe i've done it this time. If at first you don't succeed and all that.

Well done you,

Lorraine :)

Hi :) A day at a time, lot's of water and self praise. :) Lot's of luck.

Hi everyone

Thanks for all your support very helpful. 2nd day today and feeling fine!! which is surprising me ha and your right a smoke doesnt make the problem go away, so why bother to buy a whole pack just for one!

Thanks again, hope your all having a good smoke free day!


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