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little white sticks

i see them everywhere today, the little white sticks. so many people on the street have them on the way into town, burning away in their fingers, some people struggling with lighters as if trying to set themselves on fire! drivers in cars have them hanging unlit in their mouths as they pass, shopkeepers in their doorways have them, tough old men at bus stops take them out of their mouths before spitting in the gutter. i even begin to fantasize that stray dogs and cats have them, but keep them secret :)

but the curious little white sticks are just cigarettes, and you've given those up silly! you're stronger now, you remember. then you come across a little white stick all on its own, sitting almost complete burning on the pavement in front of you! ready for you! what a world, little white sticks everywhere, even waiting free and lit at your feet!


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Yes they're everywhere.... but have you noticed how much they stink?


They're even in my sleep. I can't get away either. Last night I went to see Roger Water's The Wall and EVERYONE was smoking something or another. I almost feel like I cheated just by being around so much smoke. (but I didn't)


lol cantante, yes they do! though i'm only half way to being a non-smoker and they still smell a little good to me too (so i have to hold my breath if i'm near them :D). benny the wall tour sounds AWESOME! well worth the passive smoking i'm guessing, just so long as you 'never take another puff'! i got to thinking too that smoking is everywhere througout our lives - take for example my favourite author as a child, tolkien. hobbits, dwarves and wizards happily smoking all through those books, and no government health warning on the cover! 5mol<er


so true, they are Everywhere!!!!! Not only do I still enjoy the smell I can pinpoint where it's coming from 100 meter's away!!! But I DON"T CARE!!!!!!!!!!!! Today i will NOT SMOKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! day 14 baby!!!!! See you in the next forum!!!!!!! You better meet me there!! I'll be waiting


WOOHOO!! look at you!! big congrats on the move to week three! bet your life i'll be there, get the place looking nice now, i'll clean up in here :D


love your first a poem or a short story...GREAT!

I see all those white sticks, and I just feel sad, grey drawn faces trying to suck the crutch out of those little white sticks. No one ever looks like they are having a good time. Now if you watch someone eating warm sticky toffee pudding with cream...They look like they are enjoying themselves...Yum Yum...

Think I'm hunnnnnngry...


**** 'em... you might want one, but they have to have 20 (in the rain, during films, during dates, everytime) every day. That one leads to others.

Think of it like that.

Or Poetry. :D


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