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No Smoking Day
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Made it another step in the forums ladder... Hel-lo week 3! Well chuffed :D

I think this forum could have little ladders or stars or something to keep us motivated. I sure feel like I deserve a star today :)

Feeling soooo much better every day. Still thinking about smoking a lot, but since physical symptoms are gone, I find it pretty easy to fight the cravings. May this encourage the ones in week 1 - stay stong!!!

Thank you all who keep posting here for getting me this far! You deserve stars too!!!

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I'm on day 5.. thanks for the strength!

Here are 3 virtual gold stars for you : * * * !!!

well done, you sounds so positive its great!




Well done!!

I love climbing up the ladder and changing which threads i go on!


Yabba dabba doo indeed...nice one!!!


Two, four, six, eight....

Three weeks fag free, we think that's great...!!!!!! bestsmileys.com/cheering/4.gif

(will that do instead of a gold star? :D )


It's a pity we can't celebrate with a nice cigar :D:D:D:D


hahaha, very true! :D


It's a pity we can't celebrate with a nice cigar

Oh, tell me about it. I have fallen into this trap few times... just one cigarillo... its not a cigarette... only one when I am drinking... and off we go again :)

Not going to do that this time and week 3 still going strong. Had a real difficult Friday though, but survived. I may have to change my drinking habits which really really sucks. I absolutely loooove red wine but at the mo its making me want to smoke too much. Had to chage to cider this weekend and it wasn't nearly as relaxing and nice :/


yeah, I guess its things like that which show us that we really are addicts... Its like alcoholics who can't even have a sip of champagne to celebrate!

Its a shame really though... I wish I had been responsible enough to have never got myself in this mess in the first place!

Eitherway, well done on changing your drink habits... I'm still in the frame of my mind of 'I'm already quitting cigs, I'm not gonna quit good food and drink also!'. Best of luck this week, '3rd week and still going strong' sounds like a great start!


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