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Four months!

Hi everyone

Just wanted to say that, as of tomorrow, I'll have been quit smoking for 4 months!

Can't quite believe it and have never felt better. I don't even think about smoking now. Have been so******ing with smokers regularly and, rather than wanting to smoke, I've found the whole thing hideous and have actually felt sorry for the smokers!

To all those having a hard time: it does get better and it is so bloody worth it!

Just wanted to say :)

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I'm starting my quit tomorrow and get a lot of encouragement from reading the delight of those who reach milestones - so congratulations to you!

Did laugh about the blanking out of your word... must confess I spent some time trying to figure out what the heck you'd been doing with smokers!!!! ;)


Well done Skippy, thats great!

I cant wait to make it to four months!!


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