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more tips

- After you have quit, imagine (really, close your eyes and imagine it) caving in and going for a cig. Then imagine (really, close your eyes again and imagine it) how you feel after. This really helps me as if I'm really honest to my self, I only ever felt good after first couple drags, but really s**t after the entire cig.

- Think positive. Think that quitting is easy. It use to put me down constantly reminding my self how hard it is to quit. This time I seek messages that put me in a different frame of mind.... It's not so hard. Lots of people have done it. I am as strong as anyone. Its gonna be easy! I love it! I'm healthy! ETC.

- In an earlier post there was also a handy tip of "Learn to enjoy the cravings". I'm not exactly sure how you learn this, but it does help a lot and for me it sort of happens automatically now. Must be a zone you need to find within.


First day of my new life 2nd September 2010


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