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No Smoking Day
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hello again everyone

I know, I know you thought I left right? Well I tried to anyway. I am sitting with some time to kill and thought I would try my log in and woulden't you know it worked! I thought I would see a line in my na$e or something but no. I guess I shouldn't have deleted everyting from my profile pages so fast. Oh well. I hope everyone is still going strong and doing welll with their quits. I see some of my friends on facebook daily so I know how they are doing its the rest of you that worry me....... Only kidding. I'm doing good I guess. Only 6 more days until 2 smoke free months. Well hope this message finds everyone well and good luck everyone

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still here myself...

quit calculator reading 7 weeks and 1 day...£625 saved to date...cah ching!


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