No Smoking Day
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Hi, I'm back again, again, again!!!

Well I have done a day and a half now and been great, in a really good mood all day, untill now, the crazies have set in! Grrrrrrrrrr! Nothing has set it off, I'm just feeling rarghhhhhh! Hate this!

Oh well, just keep my head down and ignore everything that may possibly wind me up. Be happy and keep smiling is my mantra! Ignore, happy, smile- ignore, happy, smile, just someone needs to remind my face right now to smile, :-/, oh noi think my smile is broken! :-/


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hi jellie, well done for starting again, you can do it! Mantra sounds good and don't forget one day at a time, one crave at a time, till it seems like they're winning and then one day suddenly YOU are winning, all the best this time, 5mol<er


Its not easy, and the biggest battle you will have will be with your mind.

For up to 3 weeks I had awful times where my brain was trying to tell me that it would be okay to have just one more!

It was so hard to convince myself to carry on smoke free.

The mind is a powerful thing!!

Good luck to you and keep strong ;)


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