No Smoking Day
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On day 7 now

...and I never thought I could make it this far lol words can't describe how glad I am that I haven't caved in...though there's been a few close calls lol

Yesterday I went the whole day without a patch on, I wanted to get rid of all the nicotine in my body....this morning I put one back on though (down to the second level patch now and coping fine), I was such a cranky cow yesterday and this morning LOL I think I'll tackle one thing at a time :P

Congrats to all who have made it this far and further, I am glad to still be numbered amongst you!

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Well done day 7 was yesterday. Doesnt it make you feel proud?

Never, ever did I think I could do this...but I have (am).

Spoil yourself today...even if its only a deserve it for getting this far.

I wish you and everyone else a great day.


Murphy' Law

Hi, Lissa and Pippa. Just wanted to say well done on getting this far. Lissa, you seem to have had a tough time and it is fantastic that you have not cracked. I am on day 8 and am still here, though today nearly caved due to a combination of sleeping in , then a series of irritating "disasters" one after the other. However, just decided a fag would only make me hate myself. I reckoned that I needed a good reason to be proud of myself as I was cocking everything else up! Simple, didn't smoke, even tho' my bf had left his fags behind (kindly). So, although today has not run smoothly, I still have something to celebrate!!!

Anyway, keep going. Each day brings some sort of challenge to our will power, but just remember, it is not worth it and just adds to our problems.

A week is a fantastic achievement for all of us and I just hope it gets easier soon!!

Take care xox


Congratulations to all three of you on your day 7/8 successes. You do indeed have plenty to be proud of and you should take Pippa's advice and treat yourself to a very deserving treat, the choice of course is yours (there are obvious exclusions to the treat, no need to mention them!!).

Lissa, you should tackle this the most comfortable way possible, use the patches if they help, you're still not taking in all the other chemicals that come along with smoking, and you are tackling all those triggers and irritating situations that used to make us reach for our fix.

Whichever situation you find yourselves in, as Rachel has said, reaching for a smoke will not change anything and just make yourself feel rotten. Think how lovely you smell and how you would smell :o

You're all doing a fab job, keep it up, one day at a time and the days soon mount up.

Well done,

Lorraine :)


Thank you so much Lorraine. Many congrats to you too for your continuing success in beating the Nicodemon.

It is people like you giving (much needed at times) encouragement that has enabled me to get through the past week. Am, like you, doing it cold turkey and hope one day to be able to say it is now 1 month....1 year etc etc.

Again thank is so appreciated.



Thanx everyone :)

I treated myself to some guilt free magazines to relax and read today lol all my kids are in school and pre-school today so the house is blissfully quiet...and clean already since I am just starting to have an increase in energy LOL

Have a great day everyone :)


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