8 weeks and 1 day

hi everyone i am now into my 3rd month of not smoking, i'm finding it relatively easy. i do get abit stroppy in the mornings but as soon as my pitch kicks in i'm fine. i very rarely think about cigs these days. also i went out with my mates to the pub on saturday there was about 6 or 7 of us, there was only me and one of my mates who dont smoke, so i werent sat on my own when they were goin for a cig :) i got really drunk too but i stayed strong and did'nt give in, the morning after i was abit surprised but more proud that i went out drinking and did'nt have one drag of a cig. my quits going well at the moment and apart from the first week the time as flew by.

thanks for reading.


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  • Well done Daniel

    That's a good quit you've got going there.

    Glad the booze didn't phase you, well on your way to being a non smoker.

    Welcome to the new "room" too.


  • Hi Daniel, sounds as though you're doing pretty good. Moving into month 3 is fantastic. Well done you!

    Lorraine :)

  • Thanks for the replies guys I really appreciate the support I get from this amazing site. :)


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